Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Howl-o-ween weekend

This weekend we celebrated all things Halloween.  We started with the Cal Poly pumpkin patch to get in the Halloween spirit.  Connor was a little ham.  He was enjoying looking for a pumpkin when he started rolling down the hill.  I seriously thought he was going to roll down the entire hill.  I will admit though it gave David and me the giggles.

Here's C doing one of his favorite things, sitting on Daddy's shoulders.  He always wants to see how far he can lean back and then pull himself up.  This makes for a nervous Mommy when it looks like he may fall off, so I just opt not to look!

Look at that little face.  He clearly hadn't rolled down the hill yet.  Ha!

On Sunday, we went to Long Beach to the Halloween Dog and Kid Costume Parade.  We had never been and it was fun!  It is crazy to see what dog owners do with their dogs.  There was a dog dressed as Tinkerbell that was suspended in the air to look as if he was flying.  Crazy I tell ya!

One of the best things about Long Beach are the homes.  They are just gorgeous.  I was snapping pictures of the homes on the hike back to our car and David was embarassed.  He didn't want homeowners to think I was a creep.  So if you saw an asian girl trying to take pictures of your home in Long Beach, I promise it was simply because I admire it :)

Here's a picture of David because I was trying to act like I wasn't taking pictures of the homes...

But alas, I got one!  SWOON :)

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