Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beef, Blessing, Burden.. I choose Confession

Recently, David and I started going to bible study.  Its a group of other couples going through similar life stages, but coming together to talk about God's word.  I went to bible studies when I was younger, but its something about going to one, because you choose to, not because someone told you to.  Either way, its been fun, and one of the things we do is "beef, blessing, or buden."  We share whichever one we would like to, if we desire to.  Hannah, one of the funniest gals there decided to share a confession.  It was hilarious.  Inspired by Hannah, I have a confession...

This past week, I have been online... a lot.  I am obsessed with blogs.  Clearly, not mine, because this is the first time I've posted in a couple of weeks, but with interior design, crafty, DIY, creative type blogs.  I have clicked the "favorite add button" more times this week, than I have all year!  What on earth!  Who am I?!  It all started last week when I bought an issue of Real Simple.  Inside, they mentioned a blog about a girl who is a designer, and finds "high end home decor for people on an ikea budget."  From there, I read post after post, and then I clicked on her links to other bloggers she gets ideas from... I'm addicted. 

I'm going to share with you my favorites this past week... but I warn you, it can get dangerous ;)