Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week 1 of Day Care

I'm finally back at work, and although bittersweet, yesterday morning was predominantly bitter.  I was feeling good, slept well, on time, and out the door for Connor's first day of "school" (no, its not school, its daycare- i just call it school).  I thought I was doing good, until I burst into tears saying my goodbye.  It was grueling.  Upon my exit, I immediately called David and gushed about how I had to bee line my exit out the door.  My heart ached feeling guilty that I had left my baby boy with a someone I barely knew.  Don't get me wrong, I feel comfortable with the sitter he is with, but its not me. 

After collecting myself and reapplying my makeup, I headed out to work for the day.  It was a busy and productive day.  After finishing up everything in the office, I was on my way home.  I called David to see how Connor was doing, and he was happy to report that Connor had done very well that day.  They said that he ate and slept well.  I was a proud mama.  As soon as I came home, we played, sang songs, and sat together on the sofa working on the computer.  He sat in the perfect crevice between my arm and my side.  I couldn't have been more content.

I don't have very many friends that have little ones.  So it was hard to go through the emotions, not knowing what to expect.  Connor is so sweet and easy going that he was perfectly fine.  It was harder on me that it was on him.  But to walk away from that experience and not have learned something would be a waste.  I learned that each moment I get to spend with my family when I get home is important.  Sure, we occasionally need some time to ourselves, but when we give a part of ourselves to those that we love- the love that they return to you is a blessing I count twice.

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