Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Connor's First Birthday...

Yes, I know how crazy that sounds, but it is five months away.  If you don't already know, David and I are VERY busy this year.  A lot of our dearest friends are getting hitched, and with that, we are esentially booked from March/April to August.  Five weddings total, and I am in three, David is in two.  With that being said, you can imagine why I'm ready to plan Connor's birthday and not let the poor little man get lost in the shuffle.

I have an idea of what I want the birthday theme to be, but I'm opening it up to our dear friends to help us out.  Any ideas on a cute first birthday theme??  Let us know!

BTW, I'm super excited to show pictures of our new and improved kitchen... David did very well, very, very well ;)

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  1. We are doing a John Deere theme for Jeremiah's birthday but it seems pretty fit now that we live in Ripon. =) Cant wait to see what you have done with the kitchen!